rego park lunch cheburechnaya bob anne mendelson -0851

And so warns a restaurant serving lamb testicles and beef brains . . .

gangnam soup flushing queens-0747

Scares me that I even recognized this phenomenon . . .


bad punctuation rural flushing queens dongbei -0745

Was so flummoxed by this sign at Rural in Flushing that I . . . threw tissue paper into the toilet.

sounds like something Typhoid Mary would bake. No contest.

Funny how The Cat was so terrified of this one room of our six when he first came to live with us just over two years ago. Now he snoozes his days away (when the radiators aren’t on) on top of the refrigerator, ready to leap to a counter if soppressata emerges from the box beneath him.

Pluck it, please!

Yep. This ad-whorin’ ain’t easy. . . .

We used to say editing the progenitor of this craze was like playing Whac-a-Mole. Clearly, we lost.


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